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September 17, 2009


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One big reason European costs are so low is because routine matters are completely covered, so people take action earlier, when diseases are at a more treatable stage.

It's only when a situation gets catastrophic that the prices get equally catastrophic. No person worrying about paying their electricity and grocery bill is going to shell out a paycheck if they start getting chest pains. But in 10 years when they're having $50,000 open heart surgery, the test would have saved the taxpayers a lot of money, by diagnosing the problem when something could be done about it.

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Nathan hits the nail on the head.

The only way to create a non-parasitic system that actually provides healthcare instead of just profits to insurance companies is to either create a public plan to compete or best of all, a full on single payer system.

Leave all service providers as independent operators, just cut the insurance companies out.


Above: "have the government take an active roll"

Should be: "have the government take an active role"


There is nothing libertarian about having a mandatory insurance fund.

I am a libertarian. I want to be free ... free from you making me do anything.

If I get sick, it's on me to deal with it. I have no right to steal from you or force you to put money into a fund that covers my medical needs.

Progressive Libertarianism? I don't get it. You believe I should be free except for where you mandate me to do something?

Based on what I have read so far on this site, it should just be called the Progressive.

Oh, by the way, the only reason Europe can even remotely afford their socialistic system is because the US pays for their defense. When that ends so will their free ride.


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Are fire departments, police, roads and schools socialist? Some things are just more efficiently funded by society as a whole. The for profit system rewards insurance companies for adding expense to doctors (20% of staff time) and delaying or denying care which has been paid for. This makes ilnesses worse and often results in death.

The idea that the average person is qualified to comparison shop for health care is implausable.

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